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Clients I’ve worked with:

 Island Records
Cleveland Marathon
Hasan Minhaj
Wyatt Cenac
Fall Out Boy
Complex Magazine
New Times Publishing
American Greetings
Casio G-Shock
Josh Gondelman
Detroit Pistons
Sole Collector Magazine

Patton Oswalt
Live Nation
House Of Blues
Red Bull
The Smithsonian
Hasan Minhaj
Alternative Press
Kyle Kinane
Funny or Die
The Rock Hall

“What Is okPANTS?”

My nickname is Pants, a name arbitrarily bestowed upon me 20 years ago by a friend at art school. The name would follow me into the real world and the music industry; where I cut my teeth in my craft via a string of benign design day jobs. Some more tolerable than others. Adults would pay me money and call me Pants, and at that point I figured the name and I had become one for life.

In 2008, out of a notion that there was more fun to be had as an artist and more to give, I said “screw it” and went freelance full-time. In an effort to launch a simple and unique URL to promote my business and host my design portfolio I secured “okpants.com”. 

A name should be the least interesting part about you. 
It’s what you create and how you connect with people that matter.

I would love to tell you there’s a deeper meaning here behind the name okPANTS, but that would be lying. It manages to fold my nickname into it and that’s about it. I did not spend days and weeks crowdsourcing opinions on it. I made the decision and executed. I knew it worked, and I marched forward confidently with it.

In that sense the name okPANTS spells out my philosophy on art, branding and design: Keep it bold, simple and leave them intrigued. Don’t destroy intuition by over-thinking ideas, just execute on them. Nothing less, nothing more.

That’s been my approach since day one and it’s not changing any time soon.

Thanks for paying attention to me.

Photo: Anthony Franchino