In 2014, Nick Robson, an old buddy of mine from hardcore shows; hired me for what I then thought at the time would be a logo and handful of t-shirt illustrations for his DIY brand Live Large. An avid powerlifter, he’d seen a void in that scene of quality designed merchandise and saw an opportunity to fill that space.

That was 5 years ago, and those few t-shirt and logo files have exploded into a creative partnership for us that has become the most rewarding project to date I’ve been fortunate to be a part of.

Like okPANTS, Live Large was funded completely out-of-pocket and sold out of the trunk of Nick’s Honda Insight. (He’s since then leveled up to an SUV that can fit a few more merch bins.) Now Live Large is stationed in a warehouse space in the back of Ohio Pie Co., the pizza shop he opened with the money he’s made from Live Large.

You can view and purchase pieces of this ever-evolving line at

📷 Lee Sechrist

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